Dear SICAP members and friends:
We are honoured to be elected as the board members and the president. We are very grateful that through SICAP, we have met so many wonderful people that many of them have gradually become some of our best friends.
Of course, this has been only one of many great benefits that we have received through out the year due to SICAP activities. Those who have been active member of SICAP for last year confirm that personal and professional growths in many ways are also some of other important residual dividends for any long term member of SICAP.
This was our prime motivation in stepping forward and accepting this challenge to lead SICAP as it has begun a new phase of its life since last year.
We would have like to reach out to all of you and ask for your cooperation to rebuild it stronger than ever before and turn it to a jumping board in British Columbia for many young Iranian-Canadian Professionals to achieve more and more glories for Iranian communities in Canada.
We would like to thank dedicated members of committees who decided to continue working and strengthening the SICAP achievement .
With the help of board members and volunteers SICAP to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthening and promoting networking among all Iranian-Canadian professionals.
  • Encouraging collaboration of other Iranian organization with SICAP.
  • Promoting volunteerism and team work for SICAP members and encouraging members input and feedback.
  • Establishing a systematic way of improving  SICAP organization to gain higher efficiency.

Once  again we would  like to ask SICAP members and friends to come and help us to achieve our goals and contribute to a stronger Iranian-Canadian community in British Columbia.