Introduction to SICAP
The society of Iranian-Canadian Professionals’ (SICAP) Objective is to promote professional and business activities of the Iranian-Canadian professionals in British Columbia (BC). SICAP plans to achieve this objective by developing strong relationship among its members using different networking means through which its members will expand their own network, share their professional and business successes, participate in SICAP organized conferences, workshops, and cultural events and explore employment/business opportunities with other members. SICAP is welcoming all educated Iranian-Canadian professionals regardless of their back ground yet common interests.
There are many know and unknown successful individuals in our community in BC which we all should be proud of them. SICAP plans to provide a platform where these individuals can expand and share their success with community and form a cohesive membership and a common voice to address the needs of whole Iranian community.
SICAP is your organization to promote members professional and/or business in British Columbia. Through membership with SICAP you will have access to people who are like you and are willing to share their experience, and also you will have the opportunity to help others and share your experience and knowledge.
SICAP members benefit package includes but is not limited to followings:
Information, Communication & Networking

  1. Opportunity to meet and network with other  professionals / business developers  in  British Columbia
  2. Access to professional bodies, industry partners, private businesses  and consultants through SICAP
  3. Opportunity to post a professional profile with logo and contact information on along with the opportunity to introduce and promote your business to the community.
  4. Opportunity to have your profile and your organization programs featured in SICAP newsletter.
  5. A forum to discuss, take on and advance British Columbia business development Issues and opportunities within the SICAP frame work.
  6. Access to regional events, community information and changes, economic and career opportunities through website and periodic emails.
  7. Access to members directory including name, profile and contact information.

Training & Education

  1. Invitations to attend professional development seminars and programs delivered by recognized experts.
  2. Notification of seminars and educational training opportunities offered by different organizations.
  3. Effective networking opportunities with professionals and businessmen.
  4. Discounts on registration fees for events, SICAP seminars, meetings and events.
  5. Negotiated best rates for hotel stays during SICAP seminars, meeting, and events.

Policy & Programs

    • Information and assistance to members regarding professional/ business development in BC.
    • Assistance and information on promoting, attracting and stimulating Iranian community development initiatives (e.g. investment )
    • Referral services to funding programs.
    • Facilitation support for Iranian community development in BC.
    • Influence on future SICAP activities through voting rights and eligibility for active involvement on the SICAP Board and Committees.
    • Promote your business and/ or professional activities during SICAP-organized events and sponsoring these events.
    • Explore employment opportunities with other SICAP members through networking during SICAP meetings.
SICAP Sponsorship and Benefits to Members
For Membership, please Download the SICAP Membership Application Form and send it to

Educational Background of SICAP’s Members


Membership Fee